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Nice to meet you, we are jachtwerk. As a family business with father René at the helm and sons Jesse and Sam Jelle on the bow, we have been known since 2008 as highly skilled and professional. But our experience goes much further back. This extensive experience ensures that we tackle every job with expertise and craftsmanship. Our passion and attention to the profession mean we offer custom work of the highest quality. And we're proud of it!

Attention to Detail

Whether it's a new (synthetic) teak deck, yacht maintenance, or custom interior: we deliver craftsmanship. In our own warehouse at Hooilanden 1 in Lemmer or on-site, we work with precision and personal attention on your project.

Workplace in Lemmer

Our workplace  features a complete loft equipped with all necessary machinery and tools. Ships up to 15 meters fit into our warehouse for timbering and/or restoration. We also have a dedicated section for synthetic teak decks and a small showroom.

Curious about our work? We'd be happy to give you a brief tour of our warehouse. You're always welcome, and the coffee is ready!

Where do we stand for?

Personal service

Direct communication with a single point of contact.


You can always count on us; a deal is a deal.

Custom Work

Handcrafted products based on specific wishes.

The persons behind Jachtwerk

Renè Gentner

Uw jacht, ons werk


Jesse Gentner

Uw jacht, ons werk

Sam Jelle Gentner

Uw jacht, ons werk

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