Boat Restoration

Maintaining a boat is called a refit. This can be minor tasks or extensive maintenance such as completely renewing or rejuvenating the ship. As a ship ages and its technical and visual condition deteriorates, it might be desirable to give the ship a complete makeover. Then we talk about restoration, often replacing entire parts of the yacht. A full restoration is a significant event and requires experience, expertise, and proper planning. We have all these attributes.

Dek restauratie


In addition to laying a new teak deck, we also maintain and repair existing decks. A deck installed by professionals is a durable product. Unlike a plastic teak deck, a wooden teak deck is subject to wear and tear from the sun, seawater, and cleaning. We are happy to carry out the following maintenance on your wooden deck:

  • Re-sanding the teak deck
  • Removing and re-insetting deck parts
  • Cutting out, milling, and re-rubbering the deck seams
  • Complete demolition of parts of the teak deck and adjoining them
Restauratie boot

The Benefits

We restore an authentic product using modern techniques. The result is a ship that retains its classic appearance while enjoying the advantages of modern comfort and quality. One of those benefits is lower maintenance frequency. Spending less time on maintenance means more time for sailing!

Restoration in practice

Considering a restoration for your boat?

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